Premier Protein Shake Review – Meal Replacement Shakes Premier Protein Shake Review – Meal Replacement Shakes
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Premier Nutrition manages a collection of CPG brands—each designed to deliver high-quality, great-tasting nutrition that fits into people's lives.

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.

In looking for the ideal protein shake for you, you might have come across Premier Protein Powder while shopping at a local retail store. Though this popular shake is marketed as a convenient way to get more protein into your daily diet, does it qualify as a high-quality meal replacement?

This in-depth shake review will uncover the details about Premier Protein, so you can decide if it’s an invaluable asset to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle program. How do the shakes taste? Do they contain clean, nutritious ingredients? Can they help you firm up and slim down? Read on to find out…




Premier Protein drinks come in two forms (protein powder and ready-to-drink shakes). Today we’re going to look at the protein powder, particularly the Premier Protein Vanilla Powder. So, how do these shakes taste? Let’s look at Premier Protein reviews to find out…


Positive Premier Protein reviews mentioned…

  • Love the flavor, smell and ease of mixing
  • Great-tasting protein shake
  • Not gritty or chalky at all


Negative accounts mentioned…

  • The powder is really hard to blend into drinks
  • I hate the taste of the shakes
  • Shake consistency is too thick


Though there were both good and bad reviews, the consensus unfortunately was that most people do not care for the taste or texture of these protein powders. Most people agreed that the ready-to-drink shakes taste much better – though the powder is more versatile and can be used to create custom smoothie recipes and healthier baked goods.




Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder Nutritional Label


A first glance at the Premier Protein Nutrition Label shows that this whey-based shake is free from soy and gluten, and doesn’t contain artificial ingredients. That’s a great start, so let’s read on to learn more!



Starting with calories, Premier Protein offers a decent number at 180 per shake serving. This is not awful considering that some shakes (like Huel Protein Powder), contain up to 400 calories per serving!

Ideally, for weight loss, it’s a good idea to choose a protein powder that’s as close to 100 calories as possible, which gives you the freedom to create delicious smoothies. Also, you should use a calorie calculator to find your unique daily calorie goal, so you can then break it up by the meal.

All in all, we think 180 calories per serving is reasonable, as long as you stay within your calorie limit for that meal, in relation to the other ingredients you mix in with it.


When it comes to the amount of protein in each shake, Premier drinks definitely contain quite a lot. Each Premier Vanilla Protein Shake contains 30g of protein per serving. While experts suggest that 10-25g of protein per meal may assist with weight loss, this doesn’t take into account the other ingredients that you will add into your shake.

Basically, you want to aim for a protein shake that has about 15-20g of protein per shake serving – anything over that is a little overkill, since you need to account for additional protein/calories you’ll add into the shake.


As for the protein type, Premier goes with a popular choice: whey protein concentrate. Though whey-based shakes are still highly regarded for weight loss and muscle-building purposes, we typically recommend plant-based shakes; This is simply due to their extended health benefits and better digestibility.

That being said, if you can tolerate dairy, whey protein is definitely a good choice. Premier mentions on their site that there’s 6.6g of naturally-occurring branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) in each shake serving – providing all 9 essential amino acids.

BCAAs are important because the body needs them to make proteins, the building blocks for all of our cells and tissues. In addition, they’re also incredibly beneficial for muscle-building. However, we can’t produce these amino acids on our own – we have to get them from our diets.


Another reason that Premier Shakes have risen in popularly is because while they’re high in protein, they’re low in carbs. Therefore, those on the ketogenic diet can have these shakes (which have 8g of total carbs and 6g of net carbs). They’ll just have to add a fat source (such as MCT Oil), since there’s only 3.5g of fat per serving.

That being said, there are other shake choices on this site that are even lower in total carbs and net carbs, including our #1 rated shake right now, 310 Shake – which has only 7g of total carbs and 2g of net carbs per serving.


While it’s great that Premier Powder is low in carbs, it’s also low in fiber. Ideally, you want your meal replacement shake to have 5-10g of fiber per serving, and Premier Protein only has 2g.

Why is fiber important? It helps streamline proper digestion, assists with toxin removal in the body, and promotes satiety. This, in turn, helps keep you satisfied after meals, and assists with weight loss.

In addition, fiber can help you feel great and energized after a meal, whereas a lack of it can leave you feeling bloated, with potential digestive issues. For this reason, we highly suggest you only have Premier Protein Powder shakes as meals with high-fiber ingredients added in.



As for the sugar content in each Premier Protein Shake, there’s 3g of sugar (from cane sugar) per serving. Although this isn’t awful, it also could be better, as many of the diet shakes we review have no sugar at all.

As you already know, sugar is not an ingredient you want in large quantities in your diet. Not only does it contribute to packing on the pounds, but it’s also bad for your health. High-sugar diets are linked to an increased risk of heart disease, as well as other diseases. In addition, it drains your energy, due to the blood sugar spike and subsequent crash that happens with high-sugar products.

The good news is that despite the 3g of cane sugar, the company does not use artificial sweeteners in their shakes – which research shows may be even worse for you than real sugar, and make you crave sweet foods and extra calories. In addition, the shakes include Stevia and Monk Fruit, which are two natural, zero-calorie sweeteners that don’t spike blood sugar.



Another cornerstone of the best meal replacement shakes are added micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals. You definitely want to choose a shake that has lots of added vitamins and minerals, as you need to make sure you get what you typically would from a normal, healthy meal.

Premier Protein drinks unfortunately don’t measure up as a meal replacement in this area, with only small amounts of three nutrients. The shakes contain Vitamin A (2%), Iron (2%) and Calcium (20%) per serving.

In comparison, many other meal replacement shakes contain 20-25 vitamins and minerals, plus added superfood blends for antioxidants and more. In addition, some of the best options also include probiotics for gut health.



You can find Premier Protein Powder at a number of local retail stores (including Walmart, Target, Walgreens), as well as online. On Amazon, you can get a 17-serving container of Premier Protein Nutrition Shakes for $15.94 (or $0.94 cents per serving) – making this an extremely cheap shake option.


We think the price of Premier drinks speaks for itself when it comes to whether or not they would make good meal replacements. The shakes are much cheaper than other brands, and it’s potentially because they don’t have the fiber, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, or additional healthy ingredients to be true meal replacements.

Yes, they are high in protein, but in order to have a balanced meal, you simply need more. We would recommend these shakes for in between meals, as pre- or post-workout supplements, or to make protein-packed, healthier baked goods (recipes included on the Premier website).

As for a meal replacement, you could add this protein powder into a blender with other healthy ingredients such as fruits, veggies and dairy to increase the fiber and nutrients, if you’re intent on trying it as a meal.

Before you make your final decision, be sure to read more of the in-depth meal replacement shake reviews on this site – especially for our top-3 rated shakes right now. We hope this information helps you find the best protein shake for you!



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1Nutritional information from Price per serving calculated from a package price of $9.29 for Premier Protein Vanilla with 4 servings per package. Accessed 10/7/19.