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Plexus Worldwide is a multi-level marketing company offering products in weight management, nutrition, skincare and personal care. Plexus Lean Shakes come in two versions: plant-based containing pea, rice and ancient grain, and whey shakes containing whey isolate and concentrate

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.


If you’re interested in making a quality meal replacement shake a vital part of your new healthy lifestyle plan, you’ve probably realized there are tons and tons of different brands out there to choose from… So how do you decide?

Plexus Lean Shake by Plexus Worldwide offers both whey and vegetarian shake options, so you can pick the one that’s best for you. With 15g of protein and 5g of fiber in their whey shakes, they offer balanced macronutrients to fuel your metabolism and enhance digestion; But with 6g of sugar in the powder alone, and 250 calories (when you add nonfat milk), will this shake help you meet your weight management and clean eating goals?*

Also, learn more about the multi-level marketing business model of this company and whether or not that affects your desire to purchase. Read on to unveil the facts now…

Plexus Lean Shakes come in Vanilla or Chocolate Whey, or Vegetarian Chocolate Mocha.


How do Plexus Shakes measure up when it comes to taste… yummy, yucky or just okay? Variety is not their strong suit, since they only offer three flavors total: Whey Vanilla, Whey Chocolate and Vegetarian Chocolate Mocha. While it’s nice that they give both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option, they could definitely use a few more flavors!

For instance, it would be better if they offered some fun and exciting flavor options for the whey formula, so you don’t get bored with just chocolate and vanilla. And with the vegetarian option, something for non-mocha-loving fans… They just doesn’t cover enough bases.

On the bright side, Plexus testimonials on Facebook showed that most people really enjoy the taste of these shakes. The users also gave lots of options for additional ingredients to combine with the shake powders when making healthy smoothies… allowing you to switch up the flavor and create variety. (1)

Some tips from Plexus reviews…

  • Add fresh strawberries in with the vanilla whey
  • Mix a shot of coffee into the vanilla lean
  • Add a banana and powdered peanut butter in with the chocolate whey
  • Try the vegetarian lean with frozen berries and coconut milk

You can also check some Plexus recipes on their website if you want to shake things up even more and need some ideas.


A quick glance at the Vanilla Whey shake label tells us some interesting things… First, that Plexus recommends you drink this shake with 8 fl. oz. of nonfat milk, which adds additional calories, protein, carbs and sugar – potentially taking you over your daily calorie goal for weight management.

It’s also easy to see that these shakes provide a nice blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Plexus recommends you drink Plexus Shakes with 8 ounces of nonfat milk.


Whey Protein Blend (whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate), Hydrolyzed Guar Gum, Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Iodized Sea Salt, Protease Enzyme Blend (Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus Oryzae), Stevia (rebaudioside A), Magnesium, (Magnesium Hydroxide), Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate), Iron (Ferric Orthophosphate), Zinc (Zinc Citrate), Niacin (Niacinamide), Iodine (Potassium Iodide), Manganese (Manganese Citrate), Copper (Copper Citrate), Biotin (D-Biotin), Selenium (L-selenomethionine), Vitamin A (beta Carotene, Retinyl Palmitate), Molybdenum (Bolybdenum Glycinate), Riboflavin (Riboflavin 5-Phosphate), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Pantotehnic Acid (Calcium D_Pantothenate), Thiamin (Thiamin Mononitrate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), Folate (L-Methylfolate, Calcium)

Contains: Milk


170 Calories Per Serving (in Shake Powder) / 250 Calories w/ 8 fl. oz. Nonfat Milk

Keeping track of your daily calories is often essential when it comes to your health and weight, and many people use a calorie tracker app to stay within pre-determined guidelines for their age, sex, weight, physical activity level and personal goals.

Each Plexus Lean Shake has 170 calories in the shake powder (in each 2-scoop meal serving). But the calorie amount jumps up to 250 per serving with the recommended 8 fl. oz of nonfat milk.

Now, whereas this amount may not seem that high, it is if you add other ingredients into your shakes to make smoothies. Ideally, a meal replacement shake should have around 100 calories per shake serving – giving you plenty of room to add healthy ingredients into your shakes and still keep the calorie count low.

When it comes to how many calories you should eat per day, everyone will have a unique calorie goal, but as a generic guideline… The average woman needs to eat around 1,500 calories per day to lose about one pound of weight per week (2,000 for the average man). (2)*

A good plan is to aim for 5 small meals or 3 meals and 2 snacks, all at 300 or 400 calories each. If you have a big weight goal, you can decrease the number of calories even more. Get yourself a good calorie tracker appto help you pinpoint the exact number of calories for you, so you can determine if Plexus Shakes would help you drop pounds.


15g of Protein Per Serving

Protein is one of the most important components of a meal replacement shake – being a key macronutrient that helps keep you full, boosts metabolism and energy, and assists with fat-burning and muscle-building.

A good goal for your diet shake is to have about 15-20g of protein per serving… anything less likely won’t keep you full and satisfied, while more is usually reserved for more intense muscle-building shakes, versus healthy lifestyle meal replacements.

Plexus meal replacement shakes have 15g of protein per serving in the shake powder itself, which is great. But they recommend that you add nonfat milk to your shake, which increases the protein amount more (to about 24g per shake serving), leading to 47% of your daily recommended protein value.

If you plan on having two of these shakes a day with milk, just have a moderate amount of protein in the rest of your day, unless you have a large weight-lifting or physical activity goal.

Plexus Shakes Contain a Whey Protein Blend

The type of protein Plexus uses is a whey protein blend of both the concentrate and isolate forms. Whey is a great choice for toning up and building muscle as it contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, which help build and repair muscle tissue. (3)*

The concentrate and isolate forms of whey each provide unique benefits, so it’s nice that they include a blend of both in the shakes. Whey protein isolate is the preferred form in most bodybuilding shakes, as it contains more protein and less carbs, lactose and fat – while whey concentrate is less processed and contains more nutrients. (4)


5g Fiber / 14g Carbs

As for the fiber amount, each Plexus Shake has 5g per serving… which is a great amount. Ideally, you want your shake to have between 5-10g of fiber per shake serving to help you meet your daily fiber goals.

Fiber is an essential element to a healthy lifestyle and should be a cornerstone of every healthy meal. It’s what helps keep your digestive system moving smoothly, and propels the toxin removal process in your body.

Plus, when it comes to weight management, fiber is the ingredient that helps keep you full (along with protein), and leads to a thick, nourishing shake texture.

As for the carbs, Plexus Shakes contain 14g per serving, but there are additional carbs if you add in the non-fat milk instead of drinking the shake with water. If you’re following a low-carb diet, or looking to lose weight, a shake with about half the amount of carbs would help you reach your goals faster – but if you’re just drinking them as part of a healthy lifestyle it’s okay.*

Whey-based Plexus meal replacement shakes contain 15g of protein per serving.


6g of Sugar from Coconut Palm Sugar and Stevia

There’s good news and bad news about the sugar content in Plexus weight loss shakes… First, the amount of sugar (6g in the powder alone) is a bit too high. Ideally, a meal replacement shake should have little to no sugarto support your ultimate health and weight loss goals.

And the other issue is that Plexus recommends you have this shake with nonfat milk… which adds about another 12g of sugarfor an 8 oz. serving! That’s a ton of sugar to consume, especially twice a day!

The good news is where the sugar comes from… The natural source of organic coconut palm sugar and stevia, a natural sweetener from the stevia plant.

Far too many shake companies add artificial sweeteners into their shakes, which studies show may increase cravings for actual sugar, and may even have negative health consequences when used in excess. (5)


6g Fat / 35mg Cholesterol 

Though this shake contains more fat than many others in the field, some of it is good fat that the body needs. Though there is 6g of fat overall, 2g is saturated or bad fat, and 3.5g is unsaturated or good fats that support healthy cholesterol levels (1g of polyunsaturated fat and 2.5g of monounsaturated fats).

The cholesterol for these shakes is 35mg per serving, which isn’t bad (it will be 70mg If you drink too shakes per day). Just make sure you keep the rest of your meals and snacks healthy so you can maintain a healthy average of 300mg a day for cholesterol.


22 Vitamins and Minerals

Plexus Lean Shakes contain a nice mix of vitamins and minerals – helping you reach your daily nutrient goal per meal and making sure you get the essentials your body needs to function optimally.*

The shakes contain vital vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, E and B12 along with minerals calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc and copper.

Though this is great to support a healthy lifestyle, the whey shakes don’t provide any additional superfoods or probiotics – which would take your gut and overall health to another level.*


Plexus Worldwide offers “a range of products focused on every aspect of your health and happiness.” Their goal is to make products that are non-GMO, 100% vegetarian and gluten free, wherever possible. The categories in which they offer products include: weight management, nutrition, skincare and personal care products. They’re also well-known for their Plexus Slim weight loss drink supplement.

Plexus is also a multi-level marketing company – meaning they have distributors (they call them ambassadors) that sell their product. What’s interesting is that with many MLM companies, you can only buy the product through local distributors, but Plexus also allows you to buy from their website directly.

The thing about multi-level marketing companies is that while they provide opportunity to those who love the products to create their own business by selling them, they sometimes come with (perhaps unfair) negative connotations – such as products might be more expensive because of the MLM sales model, or there is always pressure to buy. However, you will get individual attention when you shop through a Plexus “ambassador” who can help you pick products. 


Each Plexus Lean Shake bag is $39.95 on their website with a one-time purchase. Since there are 14 meals in each bag, it comes to $2.85 per meal (serving). Though this is not a bad price for a meal replacement shake, there are other high-quality shakes available that are cheaper.

However, when you consider that you’re replacing an actual meal with the shake – it’s definitely a bargain. In addition, you can join the subscribe and save program and save 15% on your order when you get regular deliveries.


Is Plexus Lean Shake the right fit for you? The shake definitely offers some admirable qualities, such as clean, natural ingredients and the choice of whey or vegetarian shakes.

On the downside, there are only three flavors to choose from, and the shakes have 6g of sugar per serving (before you add nonfat milk which could add another 12g per serving)… and this is a lot for both weight management and healthy lifestyle goals.*

The whey shakes contain a good amount of protein at 15g per serving in just the shake powder alone, along with 5g of fiber, and 22 essential vitamins and minerals. But there is no additional superfood blend or probiotics in the whey shakes

Before you decide, make sure to read additional shake reviews on this site (starting with our top 3 shakes including #1 rated 310 Shake at the top of this page), so you can make an informed decision.




1Nutritional information from Price per serving calculated from a package price of $39.95 for 14 Whey Vanilla Shake packets. Accessed 8/2/19.