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Arbonne, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells everything from skincare products to protein powder.

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.


You may be familiar with the brand name, Arbonne, either because you’ve personally tried the natural-based products or you know someone who sells them. Arbonne Essentials is a popular line of skin care and nutritional products including protein powders, makeup, bath and body items and more. Arbonne International is a multi-level marketing company, with independent consultants throughout the US and abroad.

The company just recently reformulated their Arbonne Protein Shake formula. Some of the new changes include less sugar, more vitamins and the removal of maltodextrin, a highly-processed thickening agent. In addition, the whole formula is now GMO-free and more concentrated. As a result, they were able to shrink the package size down to be more eco-friendly.

Find out if this brand-new shake formula lives up to the hype and if it’s best for you. Will the protein powder support your ultimate health and weight loss initiatives? Read on to find out…

Arbonne Shakes have 160 calories and 20g of protein per serving.



Starting with the taste of the new protein shakes, we found positive Arbonne reviews on Amazon, Facebook, and more. However, it’s hard to tell whether they’re true and honest accounts, or commentary by consultants who are currently selling Arbonne products. It would be great if Arbonne had review sections on their individual product pages so users could easily comment on different flavors, giving unbiased feedback.

It seems fair to say, however, that the taste of Arbonne Shakes is a popular aspect of this protein powder. Users expressed that they loved the old formula and also crave the taste of the new formula. This comes as no major surprise since these protein shakes are quite high in sugar! More on that later…

As for flavor options, the shake only comes in the basics: Vanilla and Chocolate. The site does mention there are other “seasonal” shake flavors available at different times, but eventually they get replaced. For instance, currently there is a Chai-flavored shake up for grabs.



Arbonne reviews on taste were mostly positive, although there were some neutral and negative comments as well, with users expressing: (1)

  • Shakes are truly taste and you can add other ingredients to make them more nutritious
  • The taste is tolerable for a vegan protein – it’s best with lots of other foods mixed in
  • Shakes have gritty textures and unpleasant tastes
  • The Chocolate is really good but it has a slightly chalky texture
  • Shakes are yummy and easy to mix with a variety of fruits and veggies

We think it’s great that 90% of the users mentioned that they love to mix other healthy ingredients into their shakes to make smoothies. Since there are only two flavors of these Arbonne protein powders, we think the key to success will be in the variety of mix-ins. Making different shakes using healthy recipes can help you avoid boredom and experiment with new tastes.



What is Arbonne?

A quick glance at the Vanilla Arbonne Shake Label reveals some desirable and not-so-desirable traits. The shake has great protein, more fiber than the previous formula, and less sugar. However, there’s still 7g of added sugar, which is definitely more than we would recommend for a healthy lifestyle shake. On the positive side, there’s an abundance of vitamins and minerals (even more than before), which is a necessity in a meal replacement.

The shake is also completely vegan, with plant-based proteins. And it’s now Non-GMO project verified, validating that it’s indeed GMO-free. Read on to learn more…

Arbonne Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Arbonne Shake Ingredients

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Arbonne Protein Matrix Blend (pea protein isolate, cranberry protein, rice protein), cane sugar, gum acacia, chicory root, natural flavors, sunflower oil, flax seed, stevia leaf extract, xanthan gum, guar gum, tapioca starch, dicalcium phosphate, rice starch, tricalcium phosphate, rice hull concentrate, water, sodium ascorbate, tocopherol, silicon dioxide.

Made in a facility that processes wheat, egg, soybeans, and milk


160 Calories Per Serving (Vanilla)

Starting with the number of calories in each protein powder, Arbonne Shakes have a fairly decent amount at 160 per serving. This isn’t awful, since many competing shakes have higher calories in the 200s and 300s. But it’s also not perfect… There are competing diet shakes with lower calorie amounts, which is definitely preferred. Especially for weight loss and weight management, a great goal is to have around 100 calories per protein powder serving.

Why 100 calories? You’ll want to add variety into your meals by trying different smoothie recipes! This means you’ll be adding various milks and other ingredients into your smoothies… all with additional calories. The calorie count per shake can therefore add up very quickly! And the most important factor for weight loss/weight management is that you’re staying within your allotted daily calorie goal. If you go over it, you’re going to gain weight, even with meal replacements!

When your protein powder is low in calories initially, you have a lot more freedom and variability in your meals. If you want, you can also enjoy your shakes with just water! As long as the shakes have a great number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, this is a great way to save on calories throughout the day.



20g of Protein Per Serving

Moving onto the protein in each shake serving, this is a completely plant-based formula. The protein blend includes pea protein isolate, cranberry protein and rice protein. As for the amount in each shake, there is 20g per serving, which is ideal. A good aim is to have 15-20g per serving to keep you full and satisfied, boost metabolism, and give your body what it needs to build muscle and drop pounds.*

Shakes that have more than 20g of protein are usually intended more for muscle-building than slimming down, so it’s good that Arbonne caps it off. Also, plant-proteins are all the rage these days whether you’re a vegan/vegetarian or following a normal diet. They provide essential nutrients that support full-body health. In addition, recent research shows they can even help with toning and strengthening your body.

So it’s great that Arbonne Essentials goes the plant-protein route. Let’s look at the individual proteins in their formula and the benefits/downsides of each…



Pea Protein Isolate & Rice Protein– This plant-based protein duo does their best work as a pair! While pea is about 80% protein, brown rice is 70-90% — making them two of the highest protein content options in the vegan market. And when you combine them, they’re a comparable whey alternative, providing equal levels of essential amino acids. (2)

The vegan protein combo gained great attention in 2012, when Houston Texans running back Arian Foster announced his new zero-animal dietary plan. Turns out the pea/rice combo worked to still give him that competitive edge, assisting with muscle-building and endurance. His solid performance that season won over vegan and non-vegan fans alike!

Cranberry Protein– While pea and rice are established plant-based protein sources, cranberry is a newcomer to the scene. It’s also much lower in actual protein content. For comparison, soy has 90% protein, whey has 80%, hemp has 50%, and cranberry protein has just 25% protein. However, it includes all 22 amino acids, which help your muscles rebuild. It’s also rich in antioxidants. Really, the only downside is the lack of scientific data for performance and results. (3)*



6g Fiber

Moving onto the fiber and carb content, a good rule of thumb is you want high fiber and low carbs in your shakes. Fiber is extremely important because it helps keep you full and satisfied, creating the texture and thickness of the shake. It’s also responsible for the shake’s “lasting effect”, or how long it will hold you until your next meal.

Along with the weight loss benefits of helping to suppress appetite, fiber is also a dietary staple. It helps with optimal digestion and supports your body’s natural detoxification processes. It also promotes healthy cholesterol levels by helping to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and boost good, HDL cholesterol in your body.

The new Arbonne Protein Shake reformulation includes a higher amount of fiber, which is ideal. They boosted the amount per serving to 6g (5g insoluble fiber and 1g insoluble fiber). Considering you should aim for 5-10g of fiber per shake serving for a healthy diet, this is a great amount.

Just a note that Arbonne also offers an additional fiber product you can add into your shakes, which we don’t recommend. The product is an added expense and the shakes are already equipped with the fiber you need!



13g Carbs

As for the carb amount, research shows that low-carb, high-fat diets can he quite effective for weight loss. In line with this thinking, you want your shake to be low in both total carbs and net carbs. Therefore, it will fit into low-carb dietary plans, including the keto diet. And even if you aren’t following a strict low-carb meal plan, eating less carbs in general is great for weight management.

The Arbonne protein powder has 13g of total carbs, which is slightly high, but not awful. However, since there is 6g of fiber, it brings the net carbs down to 7g. Even so, this wouldn’t be your best choice for a keto diet shake, since ideally, you want one with about 2g of net carbs. However, you could still drink it and minimize other carb sources throughout your day.



7g of added sugars

One of the big changes in the new Arbonne protein shake is that it has “less added sugar”. But even though the company makes a big deal out of this adjustment, the difference is minimal. The shake used to have 9g of sugar and now it has 7g.

In addition, the type of sugar they use did not change. They still use cane sugar, which is regular table sugar, and can be highly-addictive. Although this type of sugar is far better than lab-created artificial sweeteners, in our opinions, it’s still sugar! It’s undoubtedly bad for your health and can put a dent in your weight loss goals.

Arbonne Essentials states that their new formula is “clinically-tested and certified to have a lower glycemic index,” therefore it “won’t cause a spike in blood sugar” after drinking it. However, it doesn’t mesh well with professional recommendations on daily sugar intake…



The current guidelines from the American Heart Association recommend no more than 25g per day for women and 36g per day for men. By drinking just two Arbonne meal replacement shakes daily, a woman would be just 11g away from her daily sugar limit! (4)

Of course, we do believe that everything in moderation is okay most of the time. But that ideology is harder for some people than others. Which is why having 7g of sugar in a drink you may consume twice a day in place of normal meals is too much. The shake also includes natural sugar alternative, Stevia, in addition to the cane sugar. This surely makes it extra sweet!

In one Arbonne review, the user mentioned that although she loved drinking Arbonne shakes, she had to give them up. She ended up being hooked on the shakes because they were so sweet and she literally had to “withdraw” from them. This process took her a month to complete! Though her taste buds love Arbonne Shakes, she was forced to find another vegan protein shake with a lower sugar content.  (1)



24 Vitamins & Minerals

The new Arbonne Shakes are equipped with a full list of essential vitamins and minerals (24 in total). Methylated forms of vitamin B12 and folate were added, which the company says are more activated and bioavailable. This makes them more readily usable by the body.

In addition, each shake serving includes Vitamin D (6%), Vitamin C (30%), Vitamin A (21%), Magnesium (17%), Copper (30%) and more.

It’s great to have an array of vitamins and minerals in your meal replacement shake, because it’s easy to become deficient in nutrients when you’re dieting. Many of them are also vital to assist your body with natural fat-burning processes. You need to have optimal nutrient levels to support your healthiest weight and life.



In addition to necessary vitamins and minerals, the best meal replacement shakes include additional whole foods for added nutrients, fiber, antioxidants and more. Arbonne includes one proprietary blend, called the Inner G-Plex, which includes alfalfa powder, ginseng root extract and coenzyme Q10 – which is an antioxidant. The mix doesn’t include any probiotics though for optimal gut health, or digestive enzymes for enhanced digestive support.



Arbonne International LLC is a multi-level marketing company that’s been in business for 35 years, developing products by “combining the best of nature with leading science”. Along with Arbonne shakes, they offer a variety of “botanically-based” beauty, health and wellness products. These include Arbonne Makeup, nutrition products, bath and body products, hair care and more. Arbonne skin care includes anti-aging creams, detox scrubs and body oils. The company is headquartered in Irvine, CA.



Since Arbonne International is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), it’s structured differently than other brands. Arbonne products are only sold by Arbonne Consultants, who network and sell locally to established customers. They work with a host to organized in-home parties where they can showcase the products.

What does this mean for you? While some consumers enjoy working face-to-face with consultants, others prefer traditional shopping methods, where you don’t have to go through someone else to purchase.

You do get plenty of personal attention with a consultant, and they can inform you about the latest product offerings. They can also help you narrow down the products that might work best for you. However, sometimes working directly with other people can lead to human error, which is only to be expected. There have been some Arbonne complaints with the Better Business Bureau of situations where things didn’t go as smoothly as planned (all have been resolved).

Buying from MLM’s and working with a consultant has its benefits and downsides. While some people feel pressured with this sales model, others see it as a unique business opportunity.


Arbonne products include makeup, skin care, protein powders, protein bars, detox teas and more.


A 30-serving container of Arbonne Shake is $77.00 on This makes the product $2.57 per serving, which is a good price for a meal replacement shake. However, some other shakes are lower in price, for the same quality. For instance, our #1 rated weight loss shake, 310 Shake, is only $2.43 per serving, with proven plant-based proteins, good fiber, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and superfoods.



If you’re looking for a vegan protein powder, Arbonne Shakes definitely have potential. Arbonne product reviews show that people mostly enjoy the taste and texture of these drinks. They also don’t seem to mind that there are only two main flavors, since they like to add other healthy ingredients into their smoothies to switch things up.

There’s a good mix of plant-based proteins including the trusted muscle-building combo of pea and rice. There’s also more fiber and additional vitamins in the new formula. And there’s less sugar, although it’s not a big jump from 9g to 7g. The sugar content is one of our only major critiques of this shake, as we believe its contrary to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Before you make a decision on Arbonne Essentials or another protein shake, check out additional diet shake reviews on this site. You can start with the competing reviews, below! We hope these in-depth articles move you closer to finding the perfect meal replacement shake for you!


Arbonne Protein Shake Comparison:







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