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This weight loss shake is formulated in Germany using “a unique fermentation process” that enables a faster absorption of nutrients. It contains a blend of soy protein isolate, honey and skim milk yogurt powder.

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.

Almased®Shake Review 

If you’ve ever heard of Almased Diet Shakes, you may be intrigued – the shakes are quite different than most of the meal replacement shakes you’ll find in the US. Instead, Almased Shakes are a German product designed in the 1980’s by a doctor as a key part of the Almased diet – a 4-phase dietary plan which includes the shakes as healthy meal replacements.

Even though many online Almased reviews seem to show that these shakes can indeed work for weight loss, how do they compare to other diet shakes in the field? Are they healthy, long-term lifestyle shakes? And do they provide the macro and micronutrients needed to replace meals? Read on to learn more…


Whereas most protein shakes are available in a range of different flavors, that’s not the case for Almased Shake. Instead, it’s only available in its original formula, which doesn’t have a flavor name but is made with honey.


Whereas most protein shakes are available in a range of different flavors, that’s not the case for Almased Shake. Instead, it’s only available in its original formula, which doesn’t have a flavor name but is made with honey.

The consensus of Almased reviews seems to be that you should mix the protein powder with other ingredients in order to get a truly desirable taste.

Some of the reviews mentioned:

  • I like my shake blended with almond milk, maple extract and Stevia
  • I always need to add some type of sweetener to this shake
  • I don’t like the taste of the shake by itself
  • I blend the powder with frozen banana and milk, and the consistency is good
  • I tried the shake with berries and powered peanut butter but still didn’t like it

Just as important as how the shake tastes is the ingredients used to get the flavor. Let’s take a look at the Almased ingredients on the nutrition label…


Almased Shake Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Almased Ingredients:

Soy Protein Isolate, Honey, Skim Milk Yogurt Powder, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Vitamin C, Niacin, Color Additive: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, Ferrous Fumarate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12.

All the components of meal replacement shakes are important, so we’re going to break them down for you so you get a full picture of Almased shakes, and if they’ll work for your goals…


There are 180 calories in 8 tablespoons (or one serving) of Almased protein shake powder. Although this isn’t awful, we typically recommend that a weight loss shake be around 100 calories or less per serving. This is because you’ll most likely want to add other ingredients into your shakes to create yummy smoothies – but you also don’t want to go beyond your daily calorie goal.*

Especially with this shake, Almased reviews recommended that you blend up the shake powder with other ingredients – so you need to keep that in mind based on the calorie count in those ingredients. Another thing to keep in mind is whether you will drink the shake with water or milk, which will have additional calories.


There’s 27g of protein in each Almased Shake – which is a large amount, at 54% of the recommended daily value. However, studies do show that increasing your daily protein needs can definitely be beneficial in helping you lose weight; So, it’s not necessarily bad that Almased Shakes contain more protein – it just may not be necessary.

We typically recommend that your diet shake powder have around 15-20g of protein per serving for weight loss. In addition, you should incorporate other sources of lean protein into your daily diet, such as chicken breast, shrimp, fish, eggs, nuts, and sugar-free dairy products.


As for the type of protein in the shakes, the main ingredient is soy protein isolate. Although soy is still considered a health food by some parties, research is continuing to show some glaring problems with soy that make it a potential threat to good health.

Reasons to avoid soy include: 

  • Contains phytoestrogens (estrogen mimickers) that could disrupt your body’s natural hormones
  • About 93% of soy grown in the US is genetically-modified (which research shows may come with various health problems)
  • Whereas fermented soy contains healthy bacteria for your gut (or probiotics), processed soy (such as soy protein isolate) does not
  • There are so many other types of nutritious plant-based proteins (pea, hemp, rice) with proven health benefits if you don’t eat dairy

Next on our list, let’s take a look at the fiber content within the shake…


Quite shockingly, there is only 0.5g of dietary fiber in Almased Shakes! Why does this matter? Fiber is one of the most important ingredients in any healthy diet, and therefore in your meal replacement shakes.

Fiber greatly assists with proper digestion, helps remove waste from your body, and keeps you full and satisfied. We typically recommend that your diet shake of choice have around 5-10g of fiber per serving – and Almased Shakes fall way short of that.

The only way we would recommend Almased shake as a meal replacement in this regard is if you were to blend up the powder with other high-fiber ingredients to make a smoothie.


Moving onto the carb amount in Almased shakes, you may be wondering if they will work for low-carb or keto diets. With 15g of total carbs per serving (and 14.5 net carbs), the shakes definitely aren’t your best choice in that regard.

Instead, we recommend our top-rated shake, 310 Shake, if you’re on a keto or low-carb diet. The shake has only 7g of total carbs and 2g of net carbs (with 5g of fiber)! Plus, you can easily add MCT Oilto up the fat content.


As for the sugar content in Almased Shakes, they unfortunately contain quite a bit – which isn’t good news for the health factor of this shake or your weight loss goals. Each Almased shake serving has 15g of sugar, which is very high!*

In our opinion, the healthiest meal replacement shakes will have little to NO sugar, yet this shake includes more than half the amount women are recommended to have in a day. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the max amount of sugar per day for women should be around 25g (and 37.5 grams for men).

The fact that the source of sugar in these shakes is from honey makes it a little better – at least honey offers natural nutrients and digestive enzymes. However, according to the FDA, honey is still considered an added sugar in foods, unlike the naturally-occurring sugar you would find in fruits.


Although you don’t want added sugar in your protein shake, you do want added vitamins and minerals – as they help you fight nutrient deficiencies, especially while you’re dieting. Almased Shakes therefore contain a small amount of added nutrients (8 vitamins and minerals). This includes 6mg (or 350% daily value) of riboflavin (vitamin B2), and 16mg (27% daily value) of vitamin C.

However, many other diet shake brands include much larger vitamin/mineral blends for increased health. In addition, Almased Shakes don’t contain any additional superfood blends or probiotics for gut health.


Where can you buy Almased Shakes? You can find them at online or brick and mortar retail stores such as Walgreens, Amazon, GNC and CVS. On Amazon, a 10-serving container of Almased diet shake goes for $26.57, or $2.66 per serving.

This is a relatively good price for a meal replacement shake, although there are even more nutritious shakesthat we’ve reviewed on this site that are even cheaper.


Almased is a weight loss company that was started 30 years ago by a German doctor. Today, it is still a family-owned business which has expanded into additional markets including the US, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and parts of the UK. The mission of the company is “combining nature with passion to create products that improve health and increase quality of life”.


To recap, Almased Shakes are certainly unique from many of the meal replacement shakes we’ve reviewed on this site. On a positive note, they are definitely one of the more natural-based options you will find… with no artificial sweeteners or chemical-based ingredients.

Unfortunately, they’re also low in fiber and very high in sugar (even though it’s from honey which is healthier than cane sugar). In addition, the main protein in the shake is soy protein isolate – which is a controversial ingredient which some studies show may be harmful to your health.

And finally, though some Almased reviews showed that people enjoy the taste of the shakes, the consensus is that you have to blend them with other ingredients – which isn’t the quickest or most convenient option for on-the-go.

Before you make your final decision, be sure to read more of the in-depth meal replacement shake reviews on this site – especially for our top-3 rated shakes right now. We hope this information helps you find the best protein shake for you!



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