Walking for Weight Loss: Can it Be Done Effectively? Walking for Weight Loss: Can it Be Done Effectively?

Whether your motivation is improving your health, inching closer to your weight loss goals, or maintaining a healthy weight, you may be curious as to if a daily walking routine could be beneficial towards your progress. You may be wondering if you can really lose weight by simply walking alone? And if the answer is no, then what walking for weight loss tips should you incorporate to make all the difference?

In this article, we’ll explain why you should absolutely leave your concerns behind and pull out your walking shoes – because research shows it can improve your overall health and assist with your fitness goals. And we’ll also give some disclaimers along with recommendations for the best walking for weight loss plan…

Let’s start with the basics of why you should decide to start walking in the first place…

Can You Walk For Weight Loss & Health?

Many people automatically assume that regularly walking may not amount to much when it comes to seeing the number on the scale decrease. After all, wouldn’t running or another more intense activity burn more calories? Because of this, you may decide walking is ultimately not worth your time or efforts, but this is quite the myth.

Despite your reservations, the truth is that walking can be an incredibly effective form of physical activity, and here’s why…

1) Enjoyable Type of Cardio 

Fit woman walking in park during autumn time

Whether you’re walking indoors on a treadmill or outdoors in your choice of environment, walking can be an incredibly enjoyable and leisurely activity. Plus, studies show that the type of walking that’s most beneficial doesn’t have to be overly strenuous; Believe it or not, you can walk at a moderate intensity pace (enough to still be able to have a conversation with someone next to you), while simultaneously making strides in your weight loss goals. The trick is the overall duration of the walk, which we’ll go into when we discuss your walking for weight loss plan, below.

 2) Easy to Multi-Task

woman walking and listening to music at park

Not only is walking pleasurable, but it gives you the freedom to multi-task while you engage in it. If you’re walking indoors on an exercise machine, you can easily read a book or watch your favorite TV show while on the move. Or, whether you’re inside or outside, you can plug in some headphones to make personal or work phone calls, listen to podcasts or your favorite music, or even join conference meetings.

 3) Fights Sedentary Living

Hands of woman wearing smartwatch on the keyboard of her laptop computer

Next, we live in an increasingly sedentary world, where many people spend most of their day sitting in front of a desk and on the couch –which is absolutely wreaking havoc on their health. Studies show that sitting too long for too often has been associated with an increased risk of many different diseases, and is very bad for your heart health.

Walking is an easy way to start breaking your sitting habit. Along with walking in one big chunk most days, you should aim to walk as much as possible whenever you can. Believe it or not, along with boosting your metabolism, the simple activity of walking can also help you build lean muscle – which will ensure your metabolism stays strong even while you’re at rest.

4) Helps Burn Fat (Especially Belly)

close up of female hands measuring waist with measuring tape

Walking can definitely help you burn calories and fat – especially belly fat. Just how effective is it? Studies show that walking about one mile may help you burn roughly 100 calories, depending on sex and weight.

In addition, it’s been found that aerobic activity such as walking is one of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat – or the dangerous fat around your midsection that has been linked to an increased risk of disease. In one study, people who were eating a calorie-controlled diet and walking for an hour, five times a week for 12 weeks, lost 1.3% more body fat than those just utilizing the diet plan.

Walking for Weight Loss Plan

So, at this point you’re probably intrigued by the idea of walking for weight loss or to improve your health, but you still need to have the right plan in place to make that happen. Here are some of the best walking for weight loss tips that you’ll want to put into place…

Keep it Brisk – The best way to walk for weight loss is to maintain a brisk pace. What does this look like? You should be breathing heavier than usual, but still able to speak in full sentences and have a conversation. But, you shouldn’t be able to sing if you tried. That’s how you’ll know you’re moving at the right pace.

Aim for 30 minutes or more – Next, let’s talk about the duration of your walk. Can you lose weight by walking an hour a day? Sure, but the research says you don’t have to aim for quite that long to see results, unless you do have the time. What you should aim for is at least 30 minutes – and then if you can do more than that it’s an extra bonus.

The ideal timeframe and day amount is roughly 30 to 90 minutes, most days of the week for weight loss. After 30 minutes of walking, your body starts burning off stored fat instead of the glucose you had on hand – so it’s extra effective for slimming purposes.

Stay Consistent – Another important thing to remember with your new walking for weight loss plan is to stay consistent, no matter what your schedule brings. Although it would be ideal to walk for at least 30 minutes every day, you may sometimes have to make adjustments based on other commitments.

For instance, you may want to break up your walking into chunks of 10 minutes whenever you can fit them in. Rest assured that even if you have to do this more often than you walk for 30 minutes straight, it is absolutely better than not moving around at all.

Pair It With a Clean Diet – Finally, keep in mind that although walking can definitely be a worthwhile exercise towards your weight loss goals, you aren’t going to lose weight with walking alone. You absolutely need to pair your new physical activity with a clean and healthy diet. Although exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, a clean and whole foods diet is even more important.

Start implementing healthier habits such as reducing the amount of added sugars you eat, consuming less processed foods, and staying away from artificial ingredients. You’ll likely feel the change almost immediately in improved digestion, increased energy and motivation, and uplifted mood.

In addition to eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, high-quality proteins, good carbs and healthy fats, meal replacement shakes can be a great way to get all of these things on-the-go for increasingly busy days or weight loss purposes. Read more about some of the top meal replacement shake brands right now.

Ready to start walking for weight loss?! We hope these walking for weight loss tips help you on your path to forming the right routine for you; Get ready to refresh your mind and body and move towards reaching your health and weight loss goals with walking today.


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