Shake News Roundup: March 2021 – Meal Replacement Shakes Shake News Roundup: March 2021 – Meal Replacement Shakes
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This month nutritionists chose paleo over keto, diet soda gets the keto boot, exercise isn’t working out, bone broth joins the list of fad diets, proffee sweeps social media, and the diet industry might be gaslighting us. Here’s your monthly meal replacement shake news roundup of the latest in diet trends, weight loss, protein, and vitamins and supplements.

Diet Trends

Insider: Paleo vs keto and which one nutritionists recommend (Mar 10, 2021)


In this Insider article, Sarianne Madsen, RD, CSP, and Ayana Davis, MS, RDN break down the differences between paleo and keto. Which diet wins? Technically, the diet that is healthiest for you will depend on your individual needs. But according to these dieticians, the paleo diet wins out because it can help you achieve longer-term weight loss success. While the keto diet can help you achieve weight loss faster, the paleo diet is easier to follow long-term. Read the full article for a more detailed breakdown. 


Mashed: Is Drinking Diet Soda Keto-Friendly? (March 10, 2021)


The verdict is in: soda is not a good choice for a keto diet. Even though a diet soda won’t necessarily knock you out of ketosis, artificial sweeteners trigger the same taste buds as sugar. Don’t worry because there are plenty of soda alternatives on the market that can help you meet your keto goals. The most popular include sparkling waters like La Croix, Spindrift, and Bubly, which contain no sweeteners of any kind. Read the full article to learn more about the diet soda verdict. 


Well+Good: Why One RD Says the Diet Industry Is Gaslighting Us (March 25, 2021)


In an episode of the Well+Good Podcast, Anna Sweeney, MS, RD, Shana Minei Spence, MS, RDN, and Christy Harrison, MPH, RD dissect the shift in diet culture towards the “wellness diet”. These dieticians break down why they believe this shift in the diet industry is gaslighting wellness-conscious Americans. Is the industry telling us it’s all about “health and wellness” when it’s still just about being thin? Tune in to the podcast for the full story. Can Intermittent Fasting Boost Your Mood? (March 28, 2021)


According to a growing number of experimental studies, intermittent fasting benefits might go beyond the waistline. These researchers believe it could also make you happier. In a November 2020 research study, participants’ mental health improved after taking a probiotic supplement while following an intermittent fasting diet. In another smaller study, those who followed an intermittent fasting diet for three months lowered their anger, tension, and total mood disturbance. Read the full story for more information about these potential health benefits. 

Weight Loss

New York Post: Diet, not exercise, is the only way to lose weight (March 3, 2021) 


Apparently, it’s diet and not exercise that is the key to losing weight. This comes from Herman Pontzer, a Duke professor and Ph.D. who spent his career studying energy expenditure among the Hadza tribe in northern Tanzania. He claims that while working out has a ton of positive effects, it won’t play a major role in your weight loss goals. His suggestion? Use diet to lose weight by focusing on eating protein and fiber-rich foods that keep you feeling full for longer. Read the full article for more information about why working out is not working out. 


Parade: Everyone’s Drinking Bone Broth for Weight Loss, but How Does This Popular Diet Actually Work? (March 18, 2021)


Could bone broth be the newest diet trend? Kellyann Petrucci, MS, naturopathic doctor, and founder of the Bone Broth Diet, would like to think so. The Bone Broth Diet claims to promote youthful-looking skin, improve gut health, and reduce inflammation. It’s described as “low carb meets Paleo meets intermittent fasting”. But with early results appearing inconclusive, it’s looking like the Bone Broth Diet could just be another fad diet in the industry. Read the full article to learn more. 


HUM Nutrition: New Protein Powder CORE STRENGTH™ (March 11, 2021)


Wellness brand HUM Nutrition announces their latest product launch of a new vegan protein powder called CORE STRENGTH™. Designed to help build lean muscle, the powder comes from pea, hemp, and pumpkin seeds. Their protein blend provides all 22 amino acids and 20g of protein per serving. The protein also features a blend of flaxseed enzymes and probiotics for easy digestion. Read the full press release for more details on this product launch. 


PlantFusion: New plant-based Protein + Fiber blend (March 11, 2021)


Vegan-based protein brand PlantFusion announces the launch of their latest product, a protein and fiber protein blend called Protein + Fiber. With 5g of soluble fiber and 15g of plant-based protein, the blend promises to support a healthy inflammatory response, improve gut health, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, all while helping to sustain your energy. Read the full press release to learn more about the product’s benefits. 


Newsweek: What is Numilk? ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch Earns $2 Million Investment (March 27, 2021)


There might be a new kind of milk on the market to add to your meal replacement shake — and this is milk you can make at home! The milk comes from the company Numilk and it is a machine that lets you make your own milk using only almonds and purified water. Entrepreneurs Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin secured $2 million for the plant-based milk company in a March episode of ABC’s Shark Tank. Look out for Numilk in select stores and locations! Read the full article to learn more.


Daily Mail: Proffee trend sweeps social media (March 28, 2021)


The latest drink going viral on social media is ‘proffee’ or a protein and coffee blend. Take an espresso or cup of coffee and add in a scoop of protein powder and you’ve got yourself a proffee! The drink is exploding on social media with over 300,000 people using the hashtag #proffee on TikTok and 80,000 on Instagram. Time to try out this new meal replacement shake breakfast hack if you haven’t already! Read the full article to catch up on this latest trend. 

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