Meal Replacement Shakes: A Quarantine Essential Meal Replacement Shakes: A Quarantine Essential
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You may be familiar with meal replacement shakes as weight loss tools to help you slim down, but did you know that they can also be so much more when it comes to supporting your health and long-term wellness? At, our goal is to direct you to the best protein shakes on the market right now – however, it’s a common misconception that these shakes are only useful for a short time period while you’re trying to lose weight, and that’s it.

In fact, while the scary reality of the coronavirus pandemic hangs in full view, (and the idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like now dramatically different), meal replacement shakes can actually be one of your closest allies right now.

In this post, we hope to bring awareness to what certain meal replacement shakes can offer you in light of the current situation, and why some of them with particularly impressive nutrition labels may help you fill the gaps in your total daily nutrient intake – to get everything you need.

One thing is for sure, meal replacement shakes are absolutely something you want in your so-called “pandemic pantry” right now – with a long-shelf life, packed full of good-for-you and immune-boosting ingredients, and ready-to-drink in seconds, you can’t go wrong. Read on to learn more…

Why Stock Up On Meal Replacement Shakes?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the chaos and lack of choice goods, (not to mention germs), at the grocery store right now, but meal replacement shakes offer a solution. Here’s why they make an amazing healthy pantry food for the entire family…

1) Complete meal in-a-glass

Green smoothie with ingredients in blender

You already know the importance of healthy, nutrient-dense meals when it comes to maintaining optimal wellness (and a healthy weight). But often, these meals take a good amount of energy and forethought to make possible; From planning out your grocery list, to buying the food, to meal-prepping, to making the actual recipes – followed by the clean-up afterwards.

Many people have the desire to eat healthier but simply don’t have the will or time in their schedule to make it possible – especially since there are so many less healthful options that are much easier to prepare. However, with the right meal replacement shakes you get the best of both worlds… healthy, whole food meals that are literally some of the quickest things you will ever whip up, (or shake up)!

Whether you’ve recently found yourself working from home with your kids there 24/7, working an essential job that needs you around-the-clock, or out of ideas for fast yet healthy meals, meal replacement shakes can help. They offer the option of a full nutritional meal in shake form, that you can mix up in seconds by hand or in a shaker cup, or blend in minutes.

2) Delivered right to your door

delivery man delivering box

Next, though some bigger meal replacement shake brands can be found at stores, most of them can be ordered online, including our #1-rated protein shake right now, 310 Shake. In particular, this company offers fast and convenient delivery, so you can have your shakes sent to you at the push of a bottom. (In addition, this company is one that offers a money back guarantee, to make you feel even safer about your order).

Having high-quality meal replacement shakes that you can order online right now not only helps you avoid the stores, but also saves you time in having to purchase the healthy ingredients yourself. Not to mention that many companies offer monthly “subscribe and save” options, with delivery on a schedule that works for you, so you never have to worry about running out.

3) Great taste (minus the calories + destructive ingredients)

woman enjoying a smoothie or juice with fruits in the kitchen

Another reason people like these drinks for weight loss is because many shake brands offer great-tasting shakes, minus the typical calories, (and sugar) that come with usual dessert-like treats. Plus, if you find yourself snacking like crazy right now while being home, (especially on high-carb, high-sugar processed foods and drinks), meal replacement shakes can be your absolute “healthified” rescue.

With these stressful, uncertain times, anxiety levels can be at scary highs – and we all know that extra stress brings out extra munching, typically on high-calorie foods. Not only is this bad for your waistline, it’s also bad for your health. Typical “junk foods” include some of the worst ingredients for your heart and other vital organs.

Sugar-packed beverages, (and also many processed snacky foods), contain a sugar called fructose, which is not processed like other sugars in your body. Though you will find fructose in fresh fruits, it’s extracted from these whole foods to be used in processed ones; And processed fructose puts an incredible strain on your liver, which is the only organ that can break it down!

In addition, believe it or not, there’s still food out there lurking in grocery stores that contain trans fat – the most risky fat for your heart because it both increases your bad, or LDL cholesterol, while simultaneously lowering good, HDL cholesterol. This destructive combo can increase your risk for heart disease. Though the World Health Organization ordered that all trans fats be removed from restaurants and manufactured food products, some companies are still looking for ingredient replacements – and they have until 2021 to find them.

You can find trans fats on product labels of processed foods when they’re included, but if you’re ordering delivery in from a restaurant or meal delivery service, you’re out of luck. A much better idea is to keep healthy pantry items such as meal replacement shakes on hand, especially now, for quick meals that will enhance, not negatively impact your health.

4) Economic healthy meal choice


Speaking of ordering food in, if you can’t find the things you want at the grocery store right now, (or you’re scared to go), it can obviously get pricey ordering in from restaurants. In contrast, many of the meal replacement shakes we review on this site fall into the range of $2.00 – $3.00 per shake (or meal). And they come in containers of 28-30 servings so you have enough for 2 – 4 weeks depending on how many you drink per day, (you can have them in place of 1-2 meals and also for snacks, pre- or post-workout fuel, healthy desserts, etc.).

Even though you may end up making meal replacement shake smoothie recipes and add other ingredients into your shakes, this still makes for very economical meals in the grand scheme of things; Plus, as mentioned, you can get them for even less when you put them on monthly “subscribe and save” programs.

5) Immune-boosting ingredients

Health and super foods

Finally, you may not realize that just because meal replacement shakes aren’t the food equivalent of a fresh orange or handful of spinach, doesn’t mean they won’t boost your immune system at this time! Not only do many of these shakes contain a plethora of well-balanced nutrients including protein, dietary fiber, vitamins/minerals, and even superfood greens, you can also add the protein powder into a blender with fruits and veggies to make smoothies – helping you get even more fresh whole foods into your diet.

Our suggestion when looking for one of the healthiest meal replacement shakes right now is to choose one with solely clean ingredients – which will do the most for your health when it comes to fighting off sickness and disease. Look for shakes with no sugar or artificial sweeteners that contain a vitamin/mineral blend, and organic superfoods – or a blend of antioxidant-packed superfoods like spinach, kale and broccoli in every serving.

In addition, a new feature in many meal replacement shakes is probiotics – or healthy gut bacteria that are essential to foster your healthiest, strongest immune system. Probiotics are also essential for a well-functioning digestive system, and even great mental health, so the benefits cannot be discounted to promote a healthy body and sound mind, especially at this time.

Ready to take control of your wellness in uncertain times? Read more articles on maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and check out our meal replacement shake reviews to find the perfect brand for you!



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