Top Benefits of How Meal Replacements Shakes Can Improve Your Health Top Benefits of How Meal Replacements Shakes Can Improve Your Health

Meal replacement shakes are becoming increasingly popular, and have been quite the “hot commodity” for years now – with celebrity after celebrity expressing their sincere love for them. But after constantly seeing them discussed in different media outlets, the information regarding them can get a bit jumbled…

Are meal replacement shakes actually “junk food” filled with sugar and unhealthy ingredients, creatively disguised as health drinks? Or, are these protein-packed beverages actually a convenient way to keep up with a healthy, nourishing diet on a busy schedule?

The truth is, it can be quite hard to determine if these meal “replacements” are actually good for you, or detract from your health – but the answer all depends upon the particular product you choose. Our goal at is to help you decipher the not-so-great meal replacements from the ones that can absolutely help you make waves in your health and weight loss goals.

Read on for some major meal replacement shake benefits of the top brands available, and why you probably want to get in on this popular health trend…

Top Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Undoubtedly the most popular reason people are jumping on the meal replacement shake band-wagon is because the right ones can absolutely help you lose weight, and fast. Here are some of the major benefits when it comes to meal replacement shakes for weight loss…

1) Boosts metabolism and energy

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Getting more protein in your daily diet is a surefire way to boost the metabolic rate in your body – helping you burn more fat, even at rest. This is because while lean protein is low in calories, it takes a lot of energy for your body to digest, basically revving things up within and causing you to burn more calories in the process.

All that is to say that only the best meal replacement shakes will have enough protein to qualify as being ideal for a metabolic boost. In general, aim for a shake with 15-20g of high-quality protein. While whey is the most popular protein powder type, plant proteins are being utilized more and more for their immense health benefits. In addition, studies show they can also greatly assist with weight loss and building lean muscle.

2) Promotes satisfaction/fullness

Next, the best meal replacement shakes will not only fill you up, but keep you full until your next meal or healthy snack. In order to do this, they have to contain a good amount of dietary fiber – about 5-10g per serving.

While many so-called meal replacement shakes contain adequate protein, many are lacking in fiber, making them better suited as supplements to increase your protein intake – but not qualifying them as full meals.

When a meal replacement shake has enough protein and fiber, it should energize and sustain you, while also working to suppress your appetite so you don’t reach for unhealthy snacks that can derail your progress.

3) Helps curb your sweet tooth

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Next, the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss will share an important factor: they won’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. In this way, they can help you rid yourself of your unhealthy and harmful sugar addiction! In contrast, many meal replacement shake products are packed with sugar – making them taste delightful, but definitely not doing you any favors for your health.

Truly beneficial meal replacement protein shakes will satisfy your cravings for sweets in a healthy way – by containing healthier, sugar-free sweetener alternatives, like Stevia. With special technologies and natural flavors, companies can create tempting shake flavors that taste great in dessert-like smoothie recipes – all while helping you avoid dreaded sugar.

4) Provides a low-calorie meal

Another meal replacement shake benefit has to do with the fact that many of them (especially the ones geared for weight loss), are very low in calories. What this means is that you can get all the nutrition of a full meal, for a fraction of the calories.

Not all meal replacement shakes will be low enough in calories to promote weight loss. In fact, there are even meal replacement shakes designed to help you gain weight. Meal replacement shakes for weight gain are designed mainly for body-builders looking to bulk up, and in contrast, are packed with calories.

To be sure you’re getting meal replacement shakes for weight loss, ensure that they’re somewhere around 100 calories per serving. Then, you can feel free to add them into a blender with other healthy ingredients if you wish to make healthy smoothies, and not have to worry about the calorie count.

Top Meal Replacement Shake Benefits for Overall Health

While reaching a healthy weight is obviously essential for good health, there are also additional health-related meal replacement shake benefits that may slip your mind. It’s important to note, however, that not every meal replacement shake brand will contain these things, so make sure you check product labels in advance. Here are some additional ways that meal replacement shakes can benefit you in addition to helping you lose weight…

1) Helps sidestep nutrient deficiencies

The best meal replacement shakes will have more than great taste and sufficient protein… They will also contain an impressive vitamin and mineral blend. For instance, our number one rated shake right now, 310 Shake, has 20 essential vitamins and minerals in every serving for total health – all at roughly 30% of the recommended daily value. This is important to help you get the wide variety of nutrients you need, especially on a busy schedule.

Plus, because meal replacement shakes are so quick and easy to mix up and take on-the-go, they also serve as healthy replacements for typical unhealthy “fast food” options. One of the main reasons people consume so much processed food is because it’s easy to grab – but meal replacement shakes give you a much healthier alternative.

2) Fits into a clean and healthy diet

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Next, this meal replacement shake benefit depends upon the particular shake brand you choose. The best meal replacement shakes will be clean and healthy… meaning they won’t contain chemical ingredients or fillers. Instead, they’ll only include natural ingredients that support your total well-being.

Shakes that are “real food based” are perfect for supplementing a clean and healthy whole foods diet, and are a great way to maintain optimal health for the long-term. In addition, many shakes also fit into specific dietary categories (vegan/vegetarian/keto/plant-based/dairy-free /soy-free), for those with unique dietary needs.

3) Contains added superfoods

Finally, the best meal replacement shakes for your health will also contain added superfood blends… helping you obtain the benefits of fruits and veggies within the shake formula. This not only provides additional vitamins and minerals, but also antioxidants, and in particular, plant-based phytochemicals, which greatly support enhanced health. Phytochemicals help boost your body’s defenses and protect you from sickness and disease, while boosting immune health.

Now that you know some major meal replacement shake benefits for weight loss and overall health, are you ready to discover the brand that works best for you? Read our in-depth meal replacement shake reviews to find the healthiest option for you!


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