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March has arrived – and some of you may have given up on your New Year’s goals… If you’ve been seriously lagging on your health and fitness resolutions, investing in some of the best home gym equipment can help take your motivation sky-high again. But first, you need to know exactly what solutions to get, and how each will specifically benefit you.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the expansive rewards that physical activity provides to your body and mind – clarifying why it’s important for you to make time for it every week, even right in the comfort of your own home… (1)


8 Immense Benefits of Regular Fitness

  1. Lifted Mood – Hello, endorphins! It’s been shown that exercise can help improve your mood and greatly reduce feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which help boost positivity and reduce the perception of pain.


  1. Greater Weight Loss – Exercising helps boost your metabolism, so your body burns more calories and fat throughout the day.


  1. Increased Energy – Getting regular physical activity can help relieve tiredness and overall fatigue, as it’s been shown to increase energy in both healthy people and those suffering from serious illnesses.


  1. Muscle Growth and Bone Health – When you exercise, your body releases hormones that help your muscles absorb amino acids – assisting with muscle growth and preventing breakdown. In addition, regular activity can help build bone density in your younger years and prevent osteoporosis as you age.


  1. Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease – Living a sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for chronic disease, while engaging in regular physical activity greatly lowers your risk. Regular exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness, while helping to decrease blood pressure levels.


  1. Improved Skin Health – Exercising helps increase your body’s natural production of antioxidants, protecting your body’s cells; Plus, by stimulating blood flow, it can also help delay the appearance of skin aging.


  1. Enhanced Sleep Quality – You deplete energy and increase your body temperature when you exercise, which can lead to better sleep quality and more restorative sleep later on.


  1. Less Pain – Recent studies show that engaging in physical activity can help reduce discomfort in people with chronic pain, along with raising pain tolerance and decreasing pain perception.


Feeling motivated?! Now that you know whyyou should exercise, we’ll move onto the how, starting with the where

The best place to exercise is the place that’s most convenient for you – and for many of you, that’s right in the comfort of your own home.To increase your chances of sticking with a regular workout schedule, you want to ensure your making exercise both enjoyable and achievable.

When you exercise at home, you minimize distractions, which can enhance the overall quality and duration of your workout. Plus, despite what you may currently believe, you actually don’t need a lot of fancy fitness equipment to work out at home; You can have an effective workout with some basic home gym equipment. To sum it up…


Benefits of Working Out at Home

  • Less distractions
  • Wear what you’re comfortable in
  • Economical – no gym membership
  • Time-saving
  • Fun!

Moving into the “how”… erase your thinking that you need a fully stocked at-home gym, with body weights in various sizes, a cardio machine and more; Really, the best home exercise equipment is much more simple, yet effective.

Also, keep in mind that you want your home gym gear to be easily-transportable. That way, you can switch up where you do your workouts if you want to, bringing your equipment to the park or beach on a nicer day.

Here are some gym tools we highly recommend that won’t break your wallet… We suggest you get them right away!


5 Extremely Simple Yet Effective Home Gym Tools

  1. Jump Rope

Move over, treadmill! You can get a truly effective cardio workout with this simple exercise tool you’ll remember from your childhood years. Jumping rope allows you to burn some serious calories, while also helping you improve your coordination. And the best news… it’s fun!

Look for These Qualities:

  • Soft, cushioned handles
  • Adjustable length to match your height
  • Lightweight material for easy swinging

Tip: Make sure you jump on a nice, cushioned surface and not a hard one to avoid joint problems or irritate existing ones.


  1. Core Sliders

You may have seen core rollers before, or the workout tool with handles and a wheel that allows you to roll forward and then back, strengthening your ab muscles. But core sliders, like the ones you’ll find amongst the great at-home or on-the-go workout equipment from 310 Nutrition – are even better. Why? Because they’re extremely versatile. You can put them under your hands or under your feet to do mountain climbers, planks, knee tucks and more – working your entire body, and not just your abs.

Tip: The sliders are two-sided (one side for use on rug surfaces and one for use on hard-wood floors). Make sure you’re using the right side, or they won’t move!


  1. Resistance Bands

Move over weights… Enter resistance bands! Although there are definitely health benefits to weight-lifting, you can also get a lean, mean figure using your body weight and these tools. There are also different types of resistance bands depending on your needs and goals. Some are thin with handles, and come in varying intensities so you can increase the toughness of your workouts as you choose. But there are also thicker, circular bands that provide a steady stream of tension and are also beneficial for building muscle in your arms, legs, abs and chest.

Look for These Qualities:

  • Bands with varying intensities
  • Hand straps and ankle straps to work different body parts
  • An added piece that allows you to attach the bands to your door hinge for resistance


  1. Gym Ball

Though it may seem like one of the most basic pieces of workout equipment, there are very few gym tools as versatile as a yoga ball! When you do your normal exercises on the ball instead of the floor or bench, you activate your core muscles in order to stay balanced – and this can also help you improve your posture, balance and stability.

Look for These Qualities:

  • A ball with included hand pump for easy refilling

Tip: Switch out your desk chair for a yoga ball to effectively work your core while you sit!


  1. Yoga Mat

Another vital workout tool, you need a superior yoga mat to do your exercises on, so you properly support your body and avoid injury. The best yoga mat will be nice and roomy, while being easy to roll up and transport to other places, if desired. It should be firm yet comfortable.

Look for These Qualities:

  • Moisture-resistant mat
  • Handle for easy carrying when rolled up
  • Non-slip grip

Ready to have an awesome workout using the best home gym equipment, without having to leave your house? To assist your efforts, download a workout app that you can easily view exercises on, or join social media groups that share workout plans.

Plus, don’t forget the number one item that’s going to help boost your energy levels and workout results… a protein shake! Check out some of the best meal replacement shakes on this site to see if you find a match.



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