8 Foods that are Rich in Vitamin C | Meal Replacement Shakes 8 Foods that are Rich in Vitamin C | Meal Replacement Shakes

Vitamin C is one of the top essential nutrients, providing a ton of health benefits to various areas of your body. You already know that you can find the super-nutrient in a variety of fresh fruits and veggies – but which ones are highest in the vitamin? Move over oranges, the answer may surprise you!

Read on to find out exactly how much vitamin C you should consume daily, and how eating a clean diet full of fresh whole foods can help you reach that goal. Plus, get ideas for fitting the following vitamin C foods into your daily dietary plan.

Spoiler alert: meal replacement protein shake powder can be a create way to help you get enough of the essential vitamins your body needs. Try mixing with some of the foods discussed below! (See our review of top diet shakes on the market, here).

Vitamin C Daily Dosage Recommendations

The thing about the daily dosage of vitamin C is that it’s pretty low… being 75mg per day for women and 90mg per day for men. But many experts believe that you should actually consume a much higher dose for some of the greatest vitamin C benefits. For instance, the dosage of the nutrient that’s been shown to be effective for heart health is 500mg per day.

And if you want to get anywhere near the potentially more beneficial 500mg dosage of vitamin C per day, know that you have to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies! In fact, you should aim to get 9 servings of them per day.

Think it’s going to be tough to eat all those servings? Not a problem… We’ll give you some great “short-cut” recommendations at the end of this article to help you reach your daily nutrient goals, deliciously.

8 Vitamin C Foods Bursting With Flavor

1) Guava

guava provides a healthy dose of vitamin c

This tropical fruit features a temptingly sweet, juicy taste, while being jam-packed with nutrients. Along with being one of the very best sources of vitamin C, it’s also rich in potassium and fiber.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy:

1 cup raw = 377mg

You can scoop out the flesh of this fruit and eat it raw, or use it in sauces, healthier pasties or blended drinks. Guava leaves are also used as herbal teas that offer a number of potential health benefits.

2) Sweet Red Pepper

sweet red peppers provide a healthy dose of vitamin c

Vitamin C Content:

1 cup raw = 190mg

One of the most versatile veggies, there are so many ways to eat sweet red peppers – which contain more than 200 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This veggie also supports healthy night vision and is a great source of vitamin B6 and folate.

How to Enjoy:

Chop up this pepper to add into salads, soups and chilis, chicken stir fries or tacos. Or, slice it up to dip into soft cheeses or hummus. Finally, enjoy roasted red peppers as a healthy addition to your cheese and meat charcuterie platters.

3) Hot Green Chili Pepper

Hot Green Chili Peppers provide a healthy dose of vitamin c

If you like your meals hot, you’re in luck, because green chili peppers are one of the best vitamin C foods. They get their hotness from a chemical compound called capsaicin, which has been shown to help boost metabolism and may even assist with weight loss. They’re also rich in dietary fiber and support a healthy digestive system.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy

1 cup raw = 109mg

Adding a bit of green chili peppers into your regular meals will kick up the intrigue and heat factor. Try some in your regular chili, sauces and marinades. Or, try them in this Colorado-favorite green chili recipe. They also make a great addition to Mexican dishes.

4) Strawberries

strawberries are a great source of vitamin c

This naturally sweet summer fruit is a favorite when it comes to taste, and one of the easiest to add into quick meals, like salads and smoothies. Along with being one of the best sources of vitamin C, they’re also high in manganese, and contain a good amount of folate and potassium. In addition, they’re rich in antioxidants, supporting heart health.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy:

1 cup sliced = 97.6mg

Strawberries are one of the most popular “add-in’s” to meal replacement shake smoothies, due to their juicy flavor that blends with so many other flavors perfectly. Try this sumptuous chocolate strawberry smoothie.

5) Oranges

vitamin c foods to add to your diet - oranges

You may be surprised that oranges are so far down in the list of foods high in vitamin C – but that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing for you! One large orange provides over 100% of the RDI for vitamin C. They’re also a significant source of thiamine, folate and potassium.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy

1 large fruit = 97.5mg

Cut up pieces of the citrus fruit to add into cottage cheese for a vitamin and protein-packed snack. Or, use the orange juice in sauces or fresh salad dressings. And for a healthy sweet-treat, try this Orange Cream Smoothie.

6) Papaya

papaya offers a healthy dose of vitamin c

Papaya is another tropical fruit with a long list of health benefits. It’s obviously rich in Vitamin C, along with fiber and other antioxidants that help prevent cholesterol buildup in the arteries. It’s also great for your eyes and may help improve digestion.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy

1 small fruit = 95.6mg

Papaya makes a fabulous addition to salads, sauces, jams, smoothies and even chilled soups. You can even bake it in the oven for a healthier dessert.

7) Broccoli

broccoli provides a healthy dose of vitamin c

This antioxidant-packed green veggie helps protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Eating it regularly can help you maintain high levels of vitamin C along with vitamin K, and it’s also a great source of potassium and fiber. In addition, it’s a popular low-carb veggie on the keto diet.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy

1 cup raw = 81.2mg

Roast broccoli with olive oil and top it with lemon and parmesan cheese for a healthy side dish. Or, chop it up and make a raw broccoli salad to get the most nutrient benefits.

8) Pineapple

pineapple packs a powerful punch of vitamin c

This blissfully sweet, tropical fruit is loaded with nutrients and disease-fighting antioxidants that may provide numerous health benefits. Along with being one of the best vitamin C sources, the fruit is known for assisting with good digestion, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and even supporting your weight loss goals.

Vitamin C Content & How to Enjoy

1 cup raw = 78.9mg

This is another fruit that’s wonderful raw, or adds a juicy, sweet taste to meals. Put pineapple slices on the grill at your next BBQ or add them to a marinade for chicken or pork. Or, try them in this awesome smoothie recipe.

More Tips for Getting Enough Vitamin C

Although you want to clean up your diet, you may find that there’s just not enough time to prepare all the healthy foods that you want to each day. We get it, which is why we’re going to tell you about some products that can help you get all of the nutrients you need, even with jam-packed schedules…

Superfood Juice Powders

Ever hear of a green juice?! You may think it’s only something you would find at natural health stores, but it’s a product you can mix up in the comfort of your own home. The best green juice powders contain an abundance of superfoods, but also taste great (without added sugar or artificial sweeteners). And the best part is, you can mix them up in seconds with some water!

Meal Replacement Shakes

Known for providing you with extra protein to help with healthy living and weight loss, an added benefit of these shakes is their nutrient content. Since they actually replace a meal, most diet shakes contain quite the blend of added vitamins, minerals, superfoods and more.

Check out our top reviewed meal replacement shakes of 2019 here!

We hope you learned a ton about how you can get more vitamin C foods into your daily diet. Want to learn about another ultra-important essential vitamin?! Check out this article on Vitamin D and how to prevent a deficiency.




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