8 High-Protein Coffee Shakes to Make Your Morning Brighter – Meal Replacement Shakes 8 High-Protein Coffee Shakes to Make Your Morning Brighter – Meal Replacement Shakes

In order to live your healthiest, most energized life, you probably already know you should start your day with a protein-packed breakfast. But with consistently busier schedules, chances are you don’t have time to do much more than grab your beloved cup of coffee in the morning before rushing out the door… We get it! Even though you likely love your daily java, your body and brain needs something more in order to help you reach top performance…. And that something is a coffee protein shake!

That’s right, you can turn your precious cup of coffee into a delicious, protein-packed breakfast in just a few extra minutes each day (promise). It’s as simple as brewing a cup of coffee (you can also do this step at night), then dumping it into a blender with one of the best protein shake powders and additional healthy ingredients. And presto… you’ll have a dessert-like, high-protein smoothie in no time!

Check out some of our favorite protein-packed coffee shake recipes below. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll find something for you!

1) Vanilla Coffee Meal Replacement Shake

vanilla coffee

Take your day up a notch (or 3 or 4) with an espresso wake-up call in this yummy vanilla shake recipe. It also features our top-rated protein shake powder right now, 310 Shake. The combo of vanilla, banana and almond milk make this a decadent, yet totally simple everyday treat. Plus it packs 15g of protein, 5g of fiber, and 20 vitamins and minerals, plus superfoods and probiotics in just the shake powder alone! Tip: If you don’t have an espresso machine, regular coffee will work perfectly as well! 

2) Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake

chocolate coffee

For all you cocoa lovers out there, this one is for you! If you didn’t think you could have chocolate for breakfast, think again… This high-protein smoothie features 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder (making it extra indulgent), milk, chilled coffee or espresso, and ice. Optionally, you can make it even richer with 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup (we recommend you make your own with some unsweetened cocoa powder and a little agave syrup).

3) Chocolate, PB & Banana Coffee Shake

coffee protein smoothie

What’s even better than chocolate and coffee for breakfast? Adding peanut butter and banana to the mix… Which is exactly what you’ll find in this coffee shake recipe! To make the drink extra frosty, the directions recommend that you brew your coffee at night, then pour it into an ice cube tray to freeze. In the morning, just add the ice cubes into a blender with the additional ingredients, mix and enjoy!

4) Breakfast Coffee Protein Shake

breakfast coffee

When you need a more substantial, filling breakfast (maybe after a workout or when you know it will be a while until lunch), this shake contains the extra calories to get the job done. With rolled oats, banana, milk, vanilla protein powder, cocoa powder, cinnamon and iced coffee, this is a truly energizing shake for your body and brain. With healthy fats, carbs and protein, it’s sure to keep you satisfied for hours.

5) Banana Chia Coffee Smoothie

Banana Chia Coffee Smoothie

This recipe also uses the coffee shake ice cube trick (brilliant)! And it also includes one whole banana, almond milk and Greek yogurt. Plus, for a little extra character, the shake also includes totally healthy chia and hemp seeds. Both are packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fatty acids, including omega-3s for heart health.

6) Vanilla Coffee and Medjool Date Protein Shake

Like your drinks sweet? Well, you can have a healthier version of a sweet smoothie with this vanilla coffee protein shake featuring Medjool dates. This tasty fruit is packed with fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants, and although there’s a lot of sugar per serving, splurging in moderation like in this high-protein smoothie is the best way to indulge – and fulfill your sweet tooth.

7) Pumpkin Spice Latte Healthy Protein Shake

vegan pumpkin spice latte smoothie

Whether it’s the time of year for pumpkin-everything, or you’re the type that craves pumpkin year-round, this coffee shake will fulfill your PSL urge, while also providing a high-protein treat. What’s in it? Plant-based vanilla protein powder, pure pumpkin puree, frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk, brewed cooled coffee and spices (pumpkin pie, ginger, nutmeg, etc.). Plus, add in some small dates, pure maple syrup or coconut sugar for some extra sweetness!

8) Mocha Berry-Almond High-Protein Smoothie

mocha berry almond smoothie

Chocolate, coffee and berries, oh my! This coffee protein shake shines as either a meal replacement (when you use one of the best protein powders), or a healthy dessert! It includes chocolate protein powder, ½ banana, frozen raspberries, almond butter, chilled coffee, almond milk and honey. Yum!

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